In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to add a page to your WordPress powered website. First off, let’s discuss a little bit about what a page is used for in WordPress. Pages are the building blocks of any website. You can use pages for any number of things on a WordPress website; informational content, contact forms, galleries, homepage, primarily you want to use a page for any static or infrequently changing content. For our example we will make a page about the Sea Turtle.

Step 1:  Create your new WordPress page

Log in to your WordPress dashboard, usually located at: Once logged in, locate the “Pages” tab on the left side menu and select “Add New”. This will take you to the new page screen.

Adding a Page

Step 2:  Give your page a title

The first thing that you need to do is give your new page a page title. The title will be displayed prominently on your new page, how exactly it is displayed will vary based on your theme. The title will also be used for the html title tag of your page, this means it will show up in the tab bar of your browser as well as the the blue link in a google search result. The title will also be used to generate your permalink, this is the full URL to your new page. We have given our page the title of “Sea Turtles”.



Step 3: Save your work

This is a good time introduce you to the save button. To save your progress find the button labeled “Save Draft”. This will save all of your edits to the page but it will not publish the page, meaning that your page will not visible, or live, on your site. I will show you how to publish later. Be sure to repeat this step often!



Step 4: Add content to your page

Give your page some content. Click  into the large textarea and begin typing. Use the toolbar above the text area to format your content. You can do things like; bold, italic, bullet lists and alignment. Don’t forget to save often!


kitchen_sink The “Kitchen Sink” button will expand the toolbar to give you even more formatting options



Step 5: Add a picture to your WordPress page

Adding pictures to your page will make it much more appealing to your visitors. To add an image, locate the “Add Media” button above the content area. Clicking this button will launch an overlay that will allow you to upload an new photo or use one that you have previously uploaded.



Once you have selected and uploaded a photo from your computer, you need to add it to your Page, simply click on the picture. The selected picture will become highlighted and you will have the opportunity to give your picture some metadata including a title, alt text and a description.



Locate the “Insert into Page” button to add the image to your page.



Step 6: Preview your page

When you are done entering content and pictures, you can preview how it will look on your website. Locate the “Preview” button. This will open the page as if it were live on your site.



Step 7: Publish your new WordPress page

Once you are happy with the way that your page looks, you can publish it to your website. This will make it live for the entire internet to see! Once you are ready, locate the “Publish” button on the right hand side of your screen.