Project: iOS Fantasy Football Draft App



Fantasy Grit: Draft Cheat Sheet

August 2015

iOS App

Things We Love:

  • The ultimate Fantasy football cheat sheet app
  • Track drafted players, add favorites, real-time player projections
  • Looks great on iPhone & iPad

About this project

Fantasy Grit Draft Sheet puts real-time player stats, rankings and projections at your finger tips. Everything you need to crush your league.

Player rankings are aggregated from more than 20 of the top fantasy football sites and analyzed to give you the most accurate projections possible.

Fantasy Grit Draft Sheet supports multiple leagues with different settings including PPR and Auction style. Quickly find the highest ranking players based on your leagues settings so you can pulverize your competition.

The Ultimate Draft Cheat Sheet

Real-time player rankings aggregated and consolidated from over 20 of the top fantasy football sites.

Track Available Players

Keep track of which players have been drafted by you and other teams in your league.

Real-Time Player Projections

View up-to-date player projections for the 2015-16 season.


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